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Top List of Native Instruments Kontakt Libraries for Free

06 Oct 2021

Article last updated on: 06/10/2021.

I was recently on the hunt for new sounds for a track I was writing. It had a really big breakdown – and I wanted some strings and vocals for atmosphere. One of my go to instruments for such things is NI Kontakt. I use it on almost every tracks I make. Unfortunately this time I couldn’t find anything that I liked so I thought I’d look for something new. I’ve spent a crazy amount in the studio recently – so I didn’t want to pay out too much (if I could help it). The cheaper, the better.

I then remembered I got a really nice free Kontakt library from SoundIron a couple of years ago. They done a limited time offer on their site (I love their opera vocal and string instruments) so I thought before paying any money – could I find anything for free? I knew it was a longshot but went and had a good search in Google.

My search didn’t find me anything to use in my track. But I did find a load of freebies and discount offers (I ended up spending more money). Because I had spent so long looking I thought I’d share some of the best Kontakt libraries for free with you. I didn’t think there would be many – however, in my short search I found over 55!

I hope you find a hidden gem below that you didn’t know about. If you know of a free Kontakt instrument or library, let me know and I’ll add it to the list! Cheers :-)

Disclaimer: You will probably need the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt and not just the player.

Free Native Instruments Kontakt Instruments & Libraries to download

Acoustic Guitar Free Kontakt Library

1. Acoustic Guitar

If you don’t want to spend any money and need a realistic sounding acoustic guitar – make sure you check this out. Pettinhouse Audio have done a great job with this. Visit their website for more free instruments as well as premium paid ones.


Free Kontakt Libraries Amore Grand Piano

2. Amore Grand Piano

If you don’t want to spend any money and need a realistic sounding acoustic guitar – make sure you Well you can never have too many options when it comes to pianos! This free library from Precision Sound is well worth getting and adding to your collection. As well as being a low hit on your CPU it’s a really good sounding Yamaha grand piano VST. There’s lots of options to tweak the sound with FX such as delay, reverb and EQ.


Free Kontakt Libraries Ancient Voices

3. Ancient Voices

Ancient Voices is a top notch Kontakt all-male choir library from Embertone that will cost you nothing. It’s simple to use with a true legato virtual choir. Features include Poly mode, legato, reverb as well as close and stage mic positions. As with most free libraries you will need to have the full version of the Kontakt instrument in order work.


Cement 2 kontakt library

4. Cement

Up next we have Cement which is a 3 layer instrument. It’s a harmonic pattern generator. You can use Cement to make textures or patterns and modify the sound to your own taste. Features include: Lowpass and high pass filter, distortion, speaker switches, two delays and a reverb. There’s around 400 samples on offer. Nice!


Chamber orchestra 2

5. Chamber Orchestra 2.1 – Top Pick

Are you looking for a free orchestral VST? You might want to take a look at Chamber Orchestra. VSCO 2 CE is a subset of the main VSCO 2 sample library. There’s a massive 3 GB of samples being given away – yes 3 GB! Orchestral instruments include: Organ, Flute, Cello, Piano, Bells and much more. I was amazed they were giving away over 3000 samples for free. Legends.



6. Chordian Midi Sequencer

Chordian is a midi sequencer that works with Kontakts midi output. The sequencer has a simple mode where you can easily build chord type sequences. It includes features such as scale remapper, note length, velocity and more. It comes with 80 scales available.


Free Cinematic Loops

7. Cinematic Loops

If you write film scores or like adding movie sounds to your music – make sure you check out Cinematic Loops. It’s a top library of audio loops inspired by soundtracks from modern sci-fi and action films. You’ll find lots of cool things to use in your music such as dubstep beats, synth sequences and sound effects. You’ll get 99 free audio loops which are all royalty free. Result.


Clare Solo kontakt vocal libraries

8. Clare Solo

I love using vocal samples & adlibs in my tracks. So when I found the Clare Solo free Kontakt vocal library – I downloaded it right away. I really like this library and the overall quality. The vocals were recorded in a top studio using JRS-34 ribbon mics. Featuring legato and full sustain samples. It’s well worth getting if you use vocals.


Commodore 64 Samples

9. Commodore 64 Samples

Well this is a blast from the past for me. I had a C 64 back in the 80s so was keen to see what this one was all about. Commodore 64 Sessions features 30 free lo-fi patches sampled from 3 different C 64’s. If you like old school lo-fi sounds take a look.



10. Cryptar

Is cryptic jazz a thing? If it is, Cryptar is just what you’ve been looking for. The library contains 45 wav files and 11 nki files. Featuring acoustic guitar samples and 3 x fake round robins.


Dark Drones

11. Dark Drones

Dark Drones is a new free sample library with 42 hand crafted drones. All of the samples are in stereo and one minute long. The instrument has lots of way to shape the sounds with FX such as EQ, Flange and Distortion. It’s easy to use and worth checking out if you want dark sound effects.


Dave Choir

12. Dave Choir

Next up we have another vocal freebie called Dave Choir. The library was made by sampling 352 notes from the singer then making them in a choir. There are two sample sets with 8 Oh’s and 8 ‘Ah’s. The instrument comes with: 4 modes, 1 velocity layer, a baritone range of 22 notes and a reverb.


DRM Drums

13. DRM Drums

If you are looking for analogue drum samples – take a look at DRM drums. The sample bank was recorded using a Vermona DRM drum machine (made in the 80s). There are 380 24 bit samples and 5 drum kits on offer. Kits include kick drum, snares, hi hats, toms, clap and more. This is one of the best options if you want vintage sounding Kontakt drums for free.


Flute Ethnic Phrases

14. Flute Ethnic Phrases

Flute Ethnic Phrases by Sonuscore is a really handy instrument for Kontakt that comes with over 100 flute phrases. The instrument is simple to use with two pages. The first page features the ethnic phrases (with a speed option). The second page features FX such as reverb, delay and EQ.


Etherealwinds Harp 2

15. Etherealwinds Harp 2

Etherealwinds Harp 2 is the follow up to the popular freeware 1st edition. This new library was recorded during an 8 hour session and features chromatic stereo sampling. The instrument has a number of options such reverb, volume and pan as well as envelope controls. This is one of the best go to options if you don’t want to spend any money.


Handclap Boss

16. Handclap Boss

Handclap Boss is a handy (sorry – couldn’t resist) free instrument to cover all your clap needs in Kontakt. But wait, there’s more than just claps… there are lots of whooshes, clicks and pops too. The instrument is all on one page with lots of options to shape your sound. Very very handy indeed (I’ll see myself out…)


Hardy Bass

17. Hardy Bass

Moving on, we have a cool bass guitar Library. Hardy Bass is a virtual bass for Kontakt 6 and up. The bass was recorded using round robin layers as well as up & down pick articulations. The instrument comes with a 3 band EQ and a massive note range. Perfect for genres such as metal / rock.


Haunted Choir Free Kontakt Libraries

18. Haunted Choir

We move on to another vocal library. At first I didn’t think this would be any good but it actually is. Haunted Choirs give you 2gb of female samples for free. The samples were made in a warm concert hall. You have a choice of Mmm and Uuu articulation. The instrument is very easy to get results from with features such as reverb, 4 mic positions and polyphonic legato. All in all top value for paying nothing.


Heritage Percussion free kontakt instruments

19. Heritage Percussion

This free percussion Kontakt library will help you add texture to your music. Heritage Percussion comes with an all new and improved drum engine. It features a number of hand percussion instruments such as shakers, rattles, cowbells, rattles and more. There’s lots of ways to edit the sounds quickly, including: A filter, envelope, pan, tune, EQ, mic position and more. A total of 13 instruments. All in 24 bit fidelity. Works with Kontakt 6.5+.


Intimate Strings Lite

20. Intimate Strings Lite

Strings – I love strings. One of the staples of my breakdowns. I’ve already got loads of options but (like vocals), I’ll always take more. Intimate Strings Lite comes with 3 nki files and 718 wave files in total. Get the sound of a string quartet playing in unison. Features include: 4 virtuoso string players, natural tone and true legato. Well worth taking a look at.


Kick Drum

21. Kick Drum

I don’t know about you, but I have more kicks than I can shake a stick at. However, if you feel like you need more kicks in your life – take a look at Kick Drum. You get 120 free kick samples that are all key labeled. As well as the samples there’s nki patches for each one too. All the nki patches are mapped out across the keyboard so you can play in the key of your track. Nice one.



22. Landscape

Ambiances and drones. That’s what you get for free with Landscape. This cool drone generator comes with some really cool features. Layer seven sounds and 8 effects either as a playable instrument or a drone generator. There’s around 1200 samples in total which can be shaped with various FX such as reverb, filters, delay and more. I’ll be having a play around with this on Kontakt to see what it’s like during the next few weeks.


Massive Evolutions Free

23. Massive Evolutions Free

Massive Evolution Free was made for all types of EDM. Especially genres such as dubstep, trap and house. The library comes with around 600 presets including leads, pads, arps & basses. You can load up to 3 presets at a time and morph the sound with FX. One of the main concepts of this instrument is playing live so there’s lots of options available.


Melodica / Freelodica

24. Melodica / Freelodica

Freelodica is a free Kontakt library from Wavesfactory. It’s a great sounding melodica instrument that was recorded with 2 difference mics. You can choose between near or far mic positions or mix both together. You have options to control width, tuning, envelope, key noise and more.


Old Tape Drums

25. Old Tape Drums

Old Tape drums is a library featuring a Ludwig Visalite drum kit. The drum kit was recorded in mono to old cassette tape to give it a lo-fi feel. The gui lets you tweak a number of things including colour, tape speed, tuning and noise.


Palette Primary Colours Orchestra Library

26. Palette Primary Colours

Like a few of the other libraries I’ve found, I am honestly amazed this orchestral Kontakt library is free. They are giving away 1.3 GB worth of content – including strings, woodwinds and brass ensembles. Because this is free version there is obviously some limits: Only one mic position and limited articulations. You can however upgrade to a premium version for the full instrument if you really like this. It’s well worth taking a look at and easily one of the best free Kontakt libraries I found.


Piano in 162 free grand piano instrument

27. Piano in 162

Would you like a Steinway grand piano VST? If so, this is one for you. Piano in 162 is a sample library of the Model B grand piano. The instrument gui is very simple. You can adjust the mix level and mics. Piano in 162 has 5 dynamic levels and two round robins.


Project Exodus

28. Project Exodus Film Score / Cinematic

Project Exodus is a big collection of movie style sounds. This free library is neatly orgnised into three sections. You get soundscapes, sequences and instruments. If you’re looking for pads, sound effects, drum loops and drones this ones for you. In total you get 127 nki instrument patches. The gui is nice and neat with easy access to edit delay, reverb, tube distortion, envelope and filters.


Rainy Day Song Writing Ambiences

29. Rainy Day Song Writing Ambiences

SoundIron make some of the best Kontakt Libraries. I had a look but they aren’t giving away any free vocals at the moment. But they do have the Rainy Days Ambiences library. It’s a collection of rain wav samples. In total there’s 29 free samples.


RMI Rocksichord

30. RMI Rocksichord

Prog rock lovers may like this one. RMI Rocksichord is a vintage electric harpsicord based on its namesake that was made in the 1960s. The original was used by a host of big artists such as Genesis, John Lennon and the Beach Boys. This libraries features include a 350mb sample library, effects section and all 12 original stops + accents. Good news – this works with the Kontakt free player so you don’t the paid version.



31. Ronroco

Up next is another great collection. Ronroco is a library of guitar one shot samples and loops made into a Kontakt instrument. In total there’s 893 loops and 3996 multi-samples of obscure and unique string sounds. The gui is nice and simple with 5 mic positions and a mixer. The samples were recorded live at 80 Hertz studio in Manchester.



32. Sagezahn

Sagezahn is a cool free synth instrument for Kontakt. With this library you get a choice of 8 different sample sources – These include Saw 72, Juno, Synclavs & more. The instrument has a realistic synth gui that’s easy to use. As well as FX such as delay & reverb, you can shape sound in a number of ways. There’s knobs to detune, distort, filter mod, add a basic arp & more.


Simple Flute

33. Simple Flute

And on we go to another freebie. Here we have Simple Flute. This instrument comes with 130 flute samples in total. The gui is nice and simple (sorry…) to use and there’s lots of ways to change the sound. There is 3 modes, keys, keys + bc and wind. In addition you can control vibrato, LP filter, reverb, articulation and micro tuning.


Scott Drums

34. Scott Drums

Scott Drums is made by Ivy Audio. It’s the first time they have done a percussion library for Kontakt. They’ve done a really good job with it. The library has everything you would expect including snare rolls and cymbal scrapes. The gui is nice and clean. You can adjust mix level, stereo width, transients, compress, add reverb and more.



35. Shortnoise

Shortnoise is an electronic sample library with a whopping 6gb of free content for Kontakt. This is quite possibly the most amount of free content I’ve found. Shortnoise has over 300 instruments and 150 multis. You’ll find lots of useful content for electronic music here. There’s arp sequences, synths, FX, basses and pads. The gui has lots of options as well as you can see in the image above. All royalty free.


Shreddage 3 Precision Free

36. Shreddage 3 Precision Free

There’s more guitar content here. Shreddage 3 Precision is a warm p-bass tone. The instrument comes with 2 playable octaves, popping / release noises and fingerstyle articulation. Some of the features include: Easy to edit gui, poly input for chords, strumming tab and 30+ FX. The library contains 28 tone snapshots that are all ready to use in your productions.


Shreddage 3 Stratus Free

37. Shreddage 3 Stratus Free

This is another free Kontakt library from Impact Soundworks. This time it’s an electric guitar instrument. The library comes with over 30 custom cabinet IRs. In addition there’s up and down stokes, sustains, chokes, palm mutes and more. This is well worth looking at for your guitar needs.


Signal Free

38. Signal Free

You probably know about Signal by Output already. But did you know they offer a free version of Signal too? This free library comes with 2gb of content. There’s 4 sound sources, an arpeggiator, LFOs, pulse instruments and lots more. A must have for any producer using cinematic sounds.


Singularity Lite

39. Singularity Lite

Singularity Lite is a single oscillator synth for Kontakt. This instrument has 2 envelopes, 2 LFos as well as a sequencer. All of which can be assigned to the mod matrix. The gui comes with a preset browser, FX (such as flanger, reverb & delay) and much much more. This is the best free synth instrument for Kontakt I’ve found. I’m yet to use it yet – but plan to do so soon.


Small Saw

40. Small Saw

Small Saw is a rare musical instrument with a distinct sound made with a violin bow. This is aimed at folk and country music. The gui is simple and comes with features such as x-fade, legato and reverb.


Spitfire Audio free labs

41. Spitfire Audio

Disclaimer, this one isn’t for Kontakt – but it is free! I love the products Spitfire Audio make. Their orchestra and string libraries are amazing – but very expensive. However, you can get a series of free software instruments with their Free Labs VST. Cool hey? You can get synth strings, bass guitar, strings 2, synth pads, choir and so much more. Ok, back to Kontakt libraries…


Super Audio Boy

42. Super Audio Boy

Have you thought to yourself “I wish I had sounds from the Nintendo Gameboy?” – Well, Super Audio Boy is your dream come true. This instrument comes with 50+ modern and authentic presets. All recorded with the original hardware. There’s lots of nice features. These include: 4 sound source layers, a sound browser, over 12 filter modules, Arp/gate/sequencer and 5 FX racks. There’s also a 64 slot mod matrix. Nice!


Tape Choir

43. Tape Choir

Tape Choir is a vocal pad library for Kontakt that recreates the vocal choir pad from 10cc’s ‘I’m not in love’. The original sound wasn’t easy to make. It took 3 vocalists using 1 valve mic with each singing a note in unison for as long as they could. This was then done another 16 times for every note. Finally it was bounced down and controlled by a mixing desk. Soniccouture have remade this with 3 vocalists singing 23 notes in unison – then combining one audio file per key. Very nice indeed.


Alpine Project

44. The Alpine Project 2021

The Alpine Project is one of the best free orchestral libraries around. It’s been downloaded over 100k times so that shows just how popular it is. There is now a brand new edition for 2021 with orchestral sections and ensembles. The main focus is a variety of solo instruments. The gui lets you control reverb, dynamics and turn legato on or off.


The Free Orchestra

45. The Free Orchestra

There’s loads of options around on the orchestral front – but not many options for the free Kontakt player. Well, The Free Orchestra works with the player and also comes with a 1gb library of content! In order to use this you’ll need Kontakt player 6.2 or above. The library has lots to offer. You will find string staccatos, brass clusters and more. The gui is really nice with options to tweak: Attack, release, filter, reverb, EQ and more. You can even reverse the sample. A must have free library have for anyone using the player.


The Stroh Violin

46. The Stroh Violin

The Stroh Violin is an authentic sounding violin library made by Impact Sound Works. Content includes 3 x dynamic layers, up to 5 x round robins, sustain, spiccato and pizzicato articulations. This is a nice lightweight instrument that’s fun to use. If you’ve been looking for a free violin VST to download, this could be one for you.


Thunder X3M

47. Thunder X3M

Thunder X3M is a percussion library with live instruments such as toms, snare drums, tupans and more. Features include: 12 percussion zones, pitch knob, transient controls, EQ and 3 mix positions. There is also 2 custom analog hardware chains to enhance sub bass and use NYC compression.


Total Composure Orchestra

48. Total Composure Orchestra

Total Composure Orchestra is a free orchestral library for Kontakt. Xtant Audio made the library using samples from the public domain. A first for such a library. The library is around 1.5gb in size and has more than 1500 samples. Not as good as paid options such as the ones by Spitfire but a great option as a freebie.


Trap Gods

49. Trap Gods

Here’s one for trap producers. Trap Gods is a library for Kontakt with a range of drums and instruments. Sounds include: 808s, leads, bass, pads, hats, snare and more. FX available: Delays, filter, ADSR, envelops, chorus. Requires Kontakt 5.5 or above.


Vocal Morphs

50. Vocal Morphs

The Vocal Morphs 2 library gives you 90 free vocal samples and instruments which are morph-processed. This new version has more patters and sounds than the first version. Requires Kontakt 5.8.


I hope you find some nice free Kontakt Libraries from the list above :-)

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