Kenny Palmer is a trance music producer & mix engineer for hire in Essex, UK

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About Kenny Palmer

Essex, UK

If you like uplifting trance, you'll probably have heard some of Kenny Palmer's music. Since his first release in 2020, he has gone on to become one of the scenes best new talents.

His energetic style of trance with epic melodies has made a huge impact in the Beatport charts. So far he's had 6 top 10 tracks and is currently rated the 4th best selling trance artist in the world over the last 12 months (on Beatstats - based on Beatport chart positions).

His music and talent has now been recognised by some of the worlds biggest trance labels. Some of the labels he releases on include Afterdark, FSOE and Nocturnal Knights. As well as releasing on big labels, Kenny set up his own label in 2021 called Trancessential.

Although a new name in the current scene, Kenny's history with trance goes all the way back to 1995. He was a trance DJ at legendary clubs such as Heaven, Bagleys and The Cross. As well as DJing, he ran his own trance events at The Glasshouse and The Hanover Grand.

Kenny is trained musically with qualifications in music tech & sound engineering. He writes, produces and engineers every aspect of his tracks from his studio in Leigh-on-Sea, UK.

Record Labels

Future Sound of Egypt
Nocturnal Knights
Monster Tunes
+ Many More

Credits / Remixes

Kenny Palmer - Westfall - Future Sound of Egypt
Transa - Supernova (Kenny Palmer Remix) - Trancessential
Kenny Palmer - Halls of Reflection - Trancessential Recordings
Kenny Palmer & Daniel Skyver - Caverns of Time - Nocturnal Knights
Chris Jennings - Control (Kenny Palmer Remix) - Trancessential Recordings
Kenny Palmer - Auriaya - Trancessential Recordings
Kenny Palmer - Forge of Souls - Trancessential Recordings
Kenny Palmer - The Sunwell - Trancessential Recordings
Kenny Palmer - Sylvanas - Future Sequence
Hemsock and Jennings - Northern Lights (Kenny Palmer Remix) - Trancessential
Kenny Palmer - Well of Eternity - Nocturnal Knights
Kenny Palmer - The Twisting Nether - Afterdark
Kenny Palmer - Over to You - Redux
Kenny Palmer - Shattered Sun - Trancespired Recordings
Kenny Palmer - Zandalar - Ablazing
Kenny Palmer - Aldorei - Nocturnal Knights
Kenny Palmer - Sunreaver - High Voltage Recordings
Kenny Palmer & Daniel Skyver - There's No Going Back - Nocturnal Knights
Kenny Palmer - Shala'nir - Uplift RecordingsRecordings
Kenny Palmer - Lights Hope - Extrema Global
Kenny Palmer - Sun's Reach - Monster Tunes
Kenny Palmer - Blade's Edge - Interstate Recordings
Kenny Palmer - Kirin Tor - Trancespired Recordings
Kenny Palmer - Sen'jin - Afterdark
Kenny Palmer - Terokkar - Uplift Recordings
Kenny Palmer - Shadowmoon - Phoenix Recordings
Kenny Palmer - Azshara - InfraRed
Kenny Palmer - Quel'Danas - Trancespired Recordings

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